Our Services

    Nuvola help businesses of all sizes and across almost every sector connect better with their customers, suppliers and teams.

    We combine straightforward solutions, including our Nuvola Business Cloud Phone System and fibre broadband. We provide friendly, helpful experts to support businesses with their communications needs, now and as they grow.

    As an independent provider, we work with all of the major telecommunications networks and suppliers, meaning we’ll always get the best deal in the market for our customers.

    Contact us today to get more information on any of our products and services.

    Nuvola Cloud Phone System

    State of the art phone system with advanced 

    functionality but a clean and interactive user

    interface and applications.

    Integrate Microsoft Teams with Your Nuvola Phone System

    Achieve a 50% increase in collaborative work, this is a great efficiency improvement to any business given that the majority of employee time is spent collaborating. A considerable 62% of users connect to a Teams meeting using their phones, and given that the majority of workers are now working remotely, the number of Teams meetings is increasing.

    Business Broadband

    Our Focus is to provide businesses with the 

    most advanced connectivity available to them, and this will never change.

    Call Recording

    Recording calls is becoming increasingly more important. With every phone call that happens, there’s an opportunity to connect with a potential client. By recording your calls, you have the ability to listen back to your exchanges and do so while being sure you’re safe and secure.


    Communicate from anywhere, using any device; your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or any desk or cordless phones available from our wide range of compatible handsets.

    We offer a huge range of desktop office phones to meet any requirements you may be after. Whether it be video calling, quick access to directories or ease of transferring to colleagues we can adapt it to suit you.

    We have made it possible that you can use multiple different devices as your phone. From your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or desktop phone you can call or be reached from almost anywhere in the world. So if you want to work from home or even on holiday you’re able to.

    Our Network

    We host our core infrastructure in multiple data centres in the UK and international data centres to meet worldwide client demand. 

    We pride ourselves on the security, we offer the most secure network possible, thus meaning much less downtime which in hand means you can offer the best service to your customers and employees.

    We have huge plans and we want to implement an array of features that would be difficult with dependency on others. We are able to offer bespoke features and products to individual customers to match their individual requirements. So if there is anything you wish your current provider or package could offer get in contact with us and we will be happy to help!